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                                           who we are

Arbez Zebra is a company specialized in turnkey solutions in the area of Tourism Animation and works every day the best in Portugal, particularly the Algarve, for people from all over the world.

Arbez Zebra is now a tourist animation and event management company specializing in off-road excursions. The animation in tourism arises from the need to stimulate the experiences of valuing culture and nature. The opportunity to share our land, our stories, people, smells and tastes.


our values

Quality and safety are core values in the preparation and completion of each tour. The level of expertise of the team, fleet maintenance, certification of equipment and ensuring suppliers are constant concerns.

We stand out for excellence in the organization of each tour, from the choice of locations and routes and activities, monuments and traditions. Arbez Zebra makes each activity authentic and unforgettable.

Arbez Zebra works in the Algarve region promoting the wonders of each unique and extraordinary place.




We organize tours by your request, doing a very special creation between adventure, history and gastronomy. The possibilities are endless and the needs of each customer a priority. 



Definition of the word “safari”

The Swahili word safari means journey, originally from the Arabic (safar) meaning a journey; Safari entered the English language at the end of the 1850s thanks to  Richard Francis Burton, the famous explorer.

A safari is an overland journey, usually a trip by tourists. In the past, the trip was often a big-game hunt, but today, safari often refers to trips to observe and photograph wildlife or hiking and sight-seeing as well.

  • The light of the Algarve and the mystery and traditions of each Algarve village.
  • From the splendid mountains to the blue Atlantic.
  • From the majestic buildings to the natural balconies of the Algarve mountains.
  • The custard cakes, the sardines and the medronho.
  • By jeep or by bike.
  • In winter or summer.
  • For companies or individuals.


Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion.

Georg Hegel